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At Mineproperty, we list the properties that have been assessed and verified by DC Feng Shui consultants. We help homebuyers find the ideal property with peace of mind in the shortest time and effort.

Buyers registered in Mineproperty believe that every house has a feng shui effect. They attach importance to the evaluation and analysis of professional DC consultants, and come to the conclusion of buying the property.

Mineproperty is using technology to make the real estate market more attractive to buyers and sellers by improving the efficiency and profitability of real estate transactions.

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6 BENEFITS for Selling in Mineproperty


Quality Prospective Buyers


Better Profit


Simplified Transaction Process

Consultation Assisted in Explanation


Efficient Transaction Through Digital Process


Plan Property Buying or Selling in Advance

6 Steps to Sell Property in Mineproperty


Sign up Feng Shui Verify Service


Schedule with consultant for evaluation


Receive evaluation report and select an advertising package


Upload videos, photos and detail write up about your property


Sit back and wait enquiries from prospective buyers


Collect deposits and complete transactions

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